Wednesday, September 8, 2010

r a i n

i love it.

the past 2-3 days its been raining non stop and i absolutely love it.
no thunder and lightning like i would like but still hearing the rain
beating against the roof is the most pleasant sound. helps me sleep so hard.
since its been raining so much been just sorta laying around. thinking.
so many things been running through my head its unbelievable. but
i love that now..for some reason im always in a positive mood. this is
probably the most alone stage of my life and its becoming the happiest.
no drama. no tears. no worries. ( besides bills n grown up stuff lol )
at first i was extremely depressed not having someone to go out with
and someone to talk to about everything but i guess im just content with
it now. im happy just having me and my family. I have such a positive outlook
on life. i have so much time to decide what i want to do in life . where i want to
be. i feel more motivated than ever to do something big with my life. to shoot big.
gosh...i just LOVE the rain. <3

"Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand."


This. is. Me

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