Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday !

Its my birthday !! yay !!

im 19 today. Havent posted alot lately but i can reasure you that you have not missed much.
ive been doin not much of anything but itss ok. lol

Saturday went to Austin for my Birthday dinner with my mom and my sister.
It was sooo good. i loved it.
Stopped by the outlet mall but we only had like 45 mins to look around
so i didnt buy nothing but its ok were going back soon so i can shop! yay !
Today (Sunday) ive been really relaxing and havent done much and now its
326am and its now my birthday YAY! dont know what im going to do really
today its monday. Only so much you can do in this place but its ok either way i already
went to dinner and enjoyed myself with my family so im super happy.

Ive decided im going to go to school for cosmetology. I want to focus
on hair and makeup. Im excited. Its took alot of thought but i love hair
and make up and would LOVE to do that every day. soo thats my conclusion :)

well of to keep myself entertained. spent like 50$ on last night
and trying super hard not to spend more money on other sites lol. im starting to
have a spending problem lol

This. Is. Me

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