Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday !

Its my birthday !! yay !!

im 19 today. Havent posted alot lately but i can reasure you that you have not missed much.
ive been doin not much of anything but itss ok. lol

Saturday went to Austin for my Birthday dinner with my mom and my sister.
It was sooo good. i loved it.
Stopped by the outlet mall but we only had like 45 mins to look around
so i didnt buy nothing but its ok were going back soon so i can shop! yay !
Today (Sunday) ive been really relaxing and havent done much and now its
326am and its now my birthday YAY! dont know what im going to do really
today its monday. Only so much you can do in this place but its ok either way i already
went to dinner and enjoyed myself with my family so im super happy.

Ive decided im going to go to school for cosmetology. I want to focus
on hair and makeup. Im excited. Its took alot of thought but i love hair
and make up and would LOVE to do that every day. soo thats my conclusion :)

well of to keep myself entertained. spent like 50$ on last night
and trying super hard not to spend more money on other sites lol. im starting to
have a spending problem lol

This. Is. Me

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

r a i n

i love it.

the past 2-3 days its been raining non stop and i absolutely love it.
no thunder and lightning like i would like but still hearing the rain
beating against the roof is the most pleasant sound. helps me sleep so hard.
since its been raining so much been just sorta laying around. thinking.
so many things been running through my head its unbelievable. but
i love that now..for some reason im always in a positive mood. this is
probably the most alone stage of my life and its becoming the happiest.
no drama. no tears. no worries. ( besides bills n grown up stuff lol )
at first i was extremely depressed not having someone to go out with
and someone to talk to about everything but i guess im just content with
it now. im happy just having me and my family. I have such a positive outlook
on life. i have so much time to decide what i want to do in life . where i want to
be. i feel more motivated than ever to do something big with my life. to shoot big.
gosh...i just LOVE the rain. <3

"Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand."


This. is. Me

Monday, September 6, 2010

P i C S

had a lovely night.
spent time with the people i love.
went to dinner and movie. saw eat. pray. love
and i LOVED it. cutest movie ever.

Heres a couple pics from tonight.

I did my hair actually took the time n curled it. loved the
way it came out. did the old fashioned curling iron lol and it was pretty.

pants from pacsun. shirt from this lil store here dont know the name.
shoes got on sale for 10$ at pacsun. i LOVE THEM haha. accesories
are from wet seal. :)

shoes + phone = LOVE

This. is. Me

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I just absolutely love this picture. <3

This. is. Me


Quick post.

Last couple days have been nice.
Thursday i hung out with a sweetheart and watched some movies.
Swat was particularly good lol :)
Then friday stayed home all day relaxed. Had a real chill nice day.
Saturday ( last night ) i went and watched movies with a sweetheart
again. Then sat in the parking lot till like 3 in the morning just talking
about everything. it was really nice. Maybe tonight will go see sweetheart
again. watch some movies and talk. :)
Just ate some french toast that was amazing ! haha just thought i'd add that.
well toodles ! :)

This. is. Me

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So today i could say so far has been completely..


I woke up. Ate some AMAZING pancakes.
Decided to do my hair so i played with it a little it came out cute took a few pics.
One day this week i want to go job hunting for a new job.
I need MONEY ha ha. Shopping's being put on hold for awhile
so i can save and its killing me. i am def a shopaholic lol its my addiction.
Have had alot on my mind lately. Thinking about the past and stuff.
It some times makes me sad looking back but then again i cant
help but smile cause i feel i have so much more ahead in the future just waiting
for me. I want to get back in photography. Use my camera again as soon
as i find my charger lol. I'm starting to look into school and just cannot wait
till i can start. I'm just still kinda stuck on what i want to do. I want to make
sure what i decide to go for is something i love and wouldn't mind doing forever.
I know your suppose to think about jobs for a future for success and money , but
i look at it for happiness..i mean i don't want to do something i hate and dread
waking up in the morning for just to have bank. don't get me wrong though..
i loveeee money just as much as the next person. I don't want to be happy
and living in a box..i just want to be happy and comfortable at least.
I'm sure I'll figure something good out lol. not going to stress it to much.
not trying to loose hair over it hahahaha. :)

well here's a couple pics i took. not amazing quality
cause its a camera phone sorry.

This. is. Me

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well HELLO world. :)

Was inspired by a beautiful friend of mine to do this.

Will update all that i can. Bring you into my life. I'm young and full of life
and just ready to explore the world. Finding my place in this world and
loving every min of it. I just recently became single..well recentlyish ha
and I'm enjoying every sec of RIDIN SOLO lol. I stopped my life
and didn't do alot of things i wanted because of a relationship and now
I'm ready to start my life for real. sooo...


i hope everyone enjoys it :)